Regular maintenance is essential to keep the water clean, healthy and clear. It is also the best guarantee for extending the life of your pond and its equipment. Maintaining a swimming pool is not complicated, it requires simple and controlled actions that must be carried out regularly.

Water balancing and pool maintenance

The installation of a swimming pool is the subject of large-scale work. Our team is able to advise you on a perfectly adapted swimming pool. Once built, the swimming pool must be subject to regular maintenance.

The installation of a swimming pool is the subject of large-scale work, in particular on the economic level, our team is able to advise you with innovative technical methods and suitable equipment, to reduce the costs of use and impact. environmental. We also support you for the regular maintenance of your installation.

Swimming pool maintenance: our services

It is easy to preserve the quality of your installations and the water by simple actions, but regularly carried out. Although there are equipment to maintain the water in your swimming pool, our company can provide complete maintenance of the water and the pool and the catching up of green water.

Pool cleaning

To allow you to take full advantage of your pool and avoid overloading your products, we offer maintenance contracts for one or more seasons (see our offers). The pool water is polluted by swimmers (sweat, hair, etc.) or nature, the water must be filtered and treated.

To overcome these impurities, our team offers you a chemical analysis of the water balance to determine the extent of the cleaning to be undertaken. The maintenance of the basin also involves looking for leaks. Our company has suitable equipment to detect leaks and ensure rapid repairs.

Catching up green or colored water

Green water is mostly altered by algae or metal particles. Opaque water, deposits, these undesirable elements intervene quickly without regular maintenance. It is necessary, first of all, to clean the bottom to remove the maximum of deposits, then to refine with a vacuum broom.

In a second step, it is necessary to ensure a shock treatment of the water, by checking beforehand the pH and if your filter is still able to trap the deposits. To facilitate the maintenance of your pool, we can provide green water recovery in just 48 hours.

Works and installation of equipment

There is a multitude of equipment for your pool. Shelters, filters, heating, cleaning robots, it is not always easy to make the right choices. Go Service offers and installs all the swimming pool equipment adapted to your needs. Creation of swimming pools, copings, terraces, we ensure the construction and / or the renovation of the basin with materials adapted to take full advantage of your installation, repair of the liner and reinforced membrane.

Our team also takes care of the installation of the electric curtain, the cover, the solar or wintering cover, the anti-leaf net, the skimmers, the alarm, the lighting, the filter mass, the heating system, pumps, and even a remote management system or moving your pool house.

Creation of swimming pools, copings, terraces, we assure the construction and / or the renovation of the basin with materials adapted to take full advantage of your installation.

Sale of swimming pool products

More than fitting equipment, Go Service also offers a whole range of maintenance products to clean your pool. Filtering sand, zeolite, spare parts, take advantage of equipment adapted to your installation at preferential rates. Our devices are checked and calibrated every year.

In order to automate maintenance, we also offer robots for the pool and water, solar showers, control equipment, pH pumps, electrolysers, and even probes.

Go Service swimming pool maintenance formulas

In order to adapt to your needs, we offer several formulas for the maintenance of your swimming pool.

Do you want to be independent in the maintenance of your swimming pool?

We give you the starting tips first. We also perform the chemical equilibrium of the water and provide you with the appropriate treatment products for your pool. You then take care of the maintenance of your pond, and then we come back for the wintering. We can also connect your swimming pool in wifi to your phone, and help you remotely.

Do you want an impeccable swimming pool without having to take care of it?

We schedule regular visits and take care of all the maintenance of your pond. Thanks to our maintenance contracts, you are completely free from the management and maintenance of your equipment.

Go Service is at your side so that your swimming pool remains above all a place of conviviality and pleasure. Choose a specialist who accompanies you throughout the life of your pool. We offer personalized advice, a range of products dedicated to swimming pools, and tailor-made maintenance contracts.

Go Service provides cleaning and treatment of the water in your swimming pool, as well as troubleshooting if necessary.

Real estate balance sheet

Thinking of buying or selling your home? Take advantage of our swimming pool expertise before buying or selling a property in order to judge its fair price.