Good cleaning practices are fundamental to keeping your swimming pool in good working order. This routine maintenance helps to keep the water crystal-clear and clean and safe for swimming.

How to clean a pool?

Proper pool cleaning consists of several key stages. All are of the pool must be given careful attention:

  • The pool’s surface,
  • The floor and sides,
  • The water line,
  • The skimmers.

It is also important to keep the edges around the pool clean to prevent debris from getting into the water. A robotic pool cleaner is often all you need to give the inside of the pool a good clean. The skimmers should be emptied once or twice a week, or after a strong Mistral wind. Another important step is to empty the pump basket and rinse out the filter. The water line should be cleaned once or twice a year, depending on the type of pool finish, on the season and how often the pool is used.

In spring, for example, the accumulation of pollen often leaves yellow marks on the water line. And during periods of intensive summer use, sunscreen products can form a greasy film on the water’s surface. They can also stain the liner irreparably. To find out more, read the article on our blog How and why to clean the water line in your pool.


Our pool cleaning services

1. You want to look after your pool yourself and you need advice?

We can install a device on your mobile phone to help you to manage your pool (optional). We can also give you advice on which robotic cleaner to buy, and on the key maintenance procedures you need to follow for best results.

2. You prefer to hand over the whole maintenance of your swimming pool for your peace of mind?

We will guarantee regular cleaning of your pool and monitor and control the water quality.

3. You rent out your house but would like to maintain your pool yourself when you’re at home?

Our “à la carte” formula is the one for you. Contact us for more information. As well as our pool cleaning service, Go Service also provides a pool water treatment service as well as a call-out repair service.