Good water filtration and good management of the chemical balance in the pool water is the key to good water health. Go Service offers its clients a comprehensive analysis of the pool water. This detailed analysis means that we can use fewer chemical products and ensure a clear, transparent and pleasant environment when you swim. And on-going maintenance of your pool is made much easier.


Filter maintenance

80% of all pool water treatment is about filtration, while chemical treatment only accounts for 20% of the work required to keep a pool in good health. This percentage shows how important a good water filter system is and how necessary it is for the pool to be kept in good working order.

Go Service will:

  • Check your installation and make the necessary adjustments to optimize its effectiveness,
  • Change the filter media when necessary whether it be sand, zeolite, glass or a cartridge,
  • Calculate the optimum filtration time for your pool according to the season and the water temperature.

Efficient and optimised filtration will help reduce:

  • Chemical use,
  • Water consumption (keeping backwashes of the filter with water to a minimum),
  • Electricity use.

Maintenance products

Go Service also sells a wide range of maintenance products for your pool:

  • Products for regular use, for all types of water treatment such as chlorine, active oxygen, bromine, and salt,
  • Products for occasional, seasonal use such as winter care, pH balance, stabilizer, algae control, descaler, and anti-lime scale.

All our products are available in liquid or solid form. You can opt for home delivery or click and collect.

Go Service also offers a pool cleaning and call-out repair services to help you with your pool maintenance.